hello, stranger.
they call me “danger,”
but i’m just emily,
a girl not-so-friendly,
but honest and real,
expressing what i feel
and saying what i think
via voice or ink.
hello, stranger.
i’m quick to anger.
but i’m reasonable,
everything feasible
from friend to enemy.
you can just call me
E M I L Y D A N G E R,
okay, stranger?


So, I’ve decided it’s time to grow up and move on.

If you need me at all, kik’s VovoVakarian.  If I’ve moved on from kik… womp womp.  Guess you’re SOL.

Bye bye! It’s been fun!

Sometimes there are strangers my heart goes out to.  I don’t want to love them and typically don’t, but I want to care for them genuinely and wholly because they’ve been scarred and haven’t recovered yet.  There are strangers I’ve met and, before really saying much to them, I’ve made up my mind that I want to know them.  To know know them.  I want to hear their story, I want to add to their lives, and I want to be a part of their world as I want them to be a part of mine.

And then there are people I’ve known for years, who could just as quickly leave as the strangers came, and I don’t think I’d really miss them.  Cognitively, I tell myself I ought to miss them.  But I don’t think I would.

One step forward,
Two steps back.
Pursue the reward
Which you now lack.

I will never apologize for being me, but I will apologize for the times that I am not.

Michael Carini (via stellablu)

(Source: acrylicalchemy)